WonderMom® Smart

WonderMom® Smart

Design for smart parenting.

WonderMom ® Smart Diaper Kit not only takes the guesswork out of raising healthy babies but also ensuring babies grow up in a safe environment without parents experiencing constant stress.

Get alerts & to monitor health data of babies anytime anywhere

With a device clipped onto our WonderMom® Smart Diaper, any changes of the humidity, temperature, or the baby's position will be sent to the WonderMom® Alarm via Bluetooth and WonderMom® Mobile App via the internet. An alarm will go off to alert parents that the diaper is soiled.

Patented with the most advanced technology available in the market.

WonderMom® Smart Diaper Kit is the one and only Smart Diaper system that not only measures the wetness level of the diaper but also sends alerts and signal on your baby’s sleeping posture, movements to the WonderMom® Mobile App. 

Designed for the convenience of the Care Givers

Parents can customize the alarm setting based on the sensitivity of the baby’s skin. It also has the night mode so you can switch the sound off and tune down the brightness of the WonderAlarm® to prevent waking the baby in the middle of the night.

The WonderMom Smart Kit includes the following:

  • Smart Sensor: Monitor diaper's wetness to signal alerts to the WonderMom®Alarm via Bluetooth connection (works within 10-15m)
  • WonderMom®Alarm: Beeps and changes color to indicate the different level of diaper wetness. Best to be used at home. 
  • WonderMom® Smart Diaper: Specifically designed to pair with the Smart Sensor and Alarm. Made from Japan-imported superabsorbent polymer, Korean non-woven cloth, and American pulp, with a pair of blank ink sensing lines.
  • WonderMom® App (Coming Soon): Monitor baby’s real-time data, including posture, diapers’ wetness, the exterior temperature where push notifications are sent to the app to alert parents in case of any emergencies.
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WonderMom® Smart Diaper

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