WonderMom® is a brand created by the founder herself who have experienced the joy of becoming a mother and at the same time witnessed her battling through baby blues and post-partum depression. We understood that every mother experienced an immense amount of pressure just purely being Mom for the first time. Even for the most basic tasks like feeding, changing diapers, or taking a baby for a physical examination, moms, especially first-timers, would be overly anxious for making any mistakes. We believe every mother deserves to enjoy and take pride in their own motherhood experience. It is our blessing to be able to support Moms on this incredible journey. Hence our mission - to reduce the daily struggles of parents and improve the quality of care for the family – is the direction of our product development and procurement efforts. We make exceptional products for the comfort and convenience for the mothers to celebrate this important milestone for females. 
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WonderMom® Smart Diaper

Our WonderMom® diaper is made with high-quality and hypoallergenic raw material sourced from all aro..

HK$64.0 Ex Tax: HK$64.0

WonderMom® Alarm

WonderMom® Alarm is an addition gadget added to the Smart Baby system, which is convenient to use at..

HK$152.0 Ex Tax: HK$152.0

WonderMom® Baby Diapers (Extra Small) - 28 pcs / bag

Wondermom Baby Diapers (Extra Small) - 28 pcs / bagMade with high quality Japanese and German import..

HK$35.0 Ex Tax: HK$35.0

wondermom® Maternity Pads (Contour-shaped)

Wondermom Maternity Pads (Contour-shaped)  - 10pcsSuper soft skin pads that are made with cotto..

HK$18.0 Ex Tax: HK$18.0

WonderMom® Nursing Pads - 30pcs / box

Wondermom Nursing Pads - 30pcs / boxBreathable breast pads that quickly absorbs moisture and keep th..

HK$50.0 Ex Tax: HK$50.0

WonderMom® Postpartum Mesh Pants - 6pcs

Wondermom Mesh Pants - 6pcsSuitable for postpartumMade with breathable material with elastic waist d..

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WonderMom® Push Pack (8 items)

Everything for the ExpectingIt's hard to know what to expect when you're expecting. The WonderMom Pu..

HK$330.0 Ex Tax: HK$330.0

WonderMom® Sanitary Washing Bottle

Suitable for Postpartum, women with vulvar wounds that could potentially cause discomfort and infect..

HK$35.0 Ex Tax: HK$35.0

WonderMom® Sensor® Kit

SpecificationsWonderSensor with bluetooth moduleWonderAlarm1 CR2032 Coin Lithium BatteryBattery cask..

HK$380.0 Ex Tax: HK$380.0

WonderMom® Smart Sensor

Monitor diaper's wetness to signal alerts via the lamp using Bluetooth connection (works within ~15m..

HK$228.0 Ex Tax: HK$228.0

WonderMom® Wet Wipes (Family Size) - 80pcs/ bag

Wondermom Wet Wipes (Family Size) - 80pcs/ bagHypoallergenic, ultra-soft, and fragrance-free, perfec..

HK$14.0 Ex Tax: HK$14.0