About WonderMom

Our Story

The brand WonderMom® is a North American brand introduced in Hong Kong just recently in 2017. It all started when our founder herself experienced the joy of becoming a mother and at the same time witnessed her battling through baby blues and post-partum depression. We understood that every mother experienced an immense amount of pressure just purely being Mom for the first time. Even for the most basic tasks like feeding, changing diapers, or taking a baby for a physical examination, moms, especially first-timers, would be overly anxious for making any mistakes. We believe every mother deserves to enjoy and take pride in their own motherhood experience. It is our blessing to be able to support Moms on this incredible journey. Hence our mission - to reduce the daily struggles of parents and improve the quality of care for the family – is the direction of our product development and procurement efforts. In the progress of developing exceptional products for the comfort and convenience for the mothers and babies, we realized the solution lies in the implementation of new smart technology that would support parents to give a better quality of care for their babies. We started doing a lot of research of innovative gadgets and gear that could be complementary for a baby product with a focus on safety and healthcare. Today, we are happy to tell the world that we have finally developed a smart solution that fits the need for baby care and achieves our mission – WonderMom® Smart Diaper Kit. By combining smart diaper and sensors, we have developed the Smart Diaper Kit which has all the features to keep your baby safe. The bottom line is, WonderMom® Smart Diaper Kit gives you the peace of mind by knowing that your baby is always in a comfortable environment: the right temperature, the safe sleeping posture, and of course, dry diapers.

Our Promise

We believe in making reasonable promises and over deliver. WonderMom is sourcing sustainable products and ingredients to create our own-branded diapers and personal hygiene products. WonderMom baby products are created with loads of love, care, and hypoallergenic ingredients, so there is one less thing you need to worry about. We want to make sure all mums and dads know they are not alone in this journey. We promise to be here at all times.